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DOJ Working on Sprint/T-Mobile Despite Shutdown

The review of the Sprint/T-Mobile transaction by the Department of Justice is proceeding, despite the partial U.S. government shutdown, a person close to the matter told CTFN.featured

California PUC Begins to Look at Sprint/T-Mobile

Corrected:  The California Public Utilities Commission recently heard testimony that California will have little influence over the Sprint/T-Mobile merger since the leading wireless carriers have national networksfeatured

Sprint/T-Mobile Antitrust Review Not Near Conclusion

The April 29-announced Sprint/T-Mobile merger remains under review at the staff level within the antitrust division of the U.S. Department of Justice, and staff is far from sending a recommendation up to the next level, CTFN has learned.featured

Dish Central to Creation of a Fourth Large Wireless Carrier

Dish Network is central to cobbling together a national network if in the attempt to clear their merger with regulators T-Mobile and Sprint are forced to create a fourth large wireless carrier from a combination of divestments and mergers betweenfeatured

California PUC Releases Scoping Memo on Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

The California Public Utilities Commission has projected a final vote next June on T-Mobile’s proposed $26.5 billion acquisition of Sprint Corporation, according to a scoping memo issued by the commissioner assigned to oversee the review.featured

Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Might Complicate Millimeter Wave Auctions

As T-Mobile and Sprint seek regulatory approval for their pending merger, which may require significant divestments if approved by regulators,featured

Awaiting California PUC Scoping Memo on Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

A gap of several months appears to separate merging parties T-Mobile and Sprint and various consumer advocates critical of the merger over when they would like to see the California Public Utilities Commissionfeatured

CPUC to Hold Pre-Hearing Conference on Sprint/T-Mobile Merger this Week

The first order of business for the Sprint/T-Mobile merger in California will come September 13, when a California Public Utilities Commission administrative law judge is scheduled to conduct a pre-hearing conference with company representatives and other interested parties to discuss the issues they believe are important to investigate.featured

T-Mobile and Sprint in Talks with Small Carriers for Fourth Wireless Player

T-Mobile and Sprint are in talks with regional wireless carriers C Spire, Shenandoah Telecommunications (Shentel), and U.S. Cellular in addition to Dish Network as thefeatured

Advocacy Groups and State AGs to Voice Objections to Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

As expected, a number of advocacy groups will file petitions on August 27 with the Federal Communications Commission asking the agency to deny the Sprint/T-Mobile merger. In addition, CTFN has learnedfeatured


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