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Virginia Approval of Genworth/China Oceanwide May Foreshadow DFS Decision

The Virginia State Corporation Commission Bureau of Insurance’s re-approval of the $2.7 billion Genworth/China Oceanwide transaction on January 11 is conditioned on among other things a term letter agreed to between the parties and the New Yorkfeatured

Virginia SCC Approves Genworth/China Oceanwide

Updated January 12, 2019: The Virginia State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance on January 11, 2019, approved China Oceanwide’s $2.7 billion acquisition of Genworth. The approval is conditioned on various factors includingfeatured

Delaware Poised to Approve Genworth Deal

The Delaware Insurance Department appeared ready to clear the acquisition of Genworth Insurance by China Oceanwide Insurance Wednesday when a department official issued a positive recommendation on the $2.7 billion deal.featured

Genworth and China Oceanwide Aim to Advance with State Insurance Departments

Amendments to the Genworth/China Oceanwide filing with Delaware regarding the restructuring of the parties’ deal, which includes moving forward without the unstacking offeatured

Three Essentials from CTFN This Week

French IT services provider Atos is preparing a submission to complain to EU regulators about the planned merger between rivals Thales and Gemalto, a source close to Atos told CTFN.featured

Genworth and China Oceanwide Now Look to Delaware and NYDFS

China Oceanwide’s deal to acquire Richmond, Virginia-based Genworth Financial cleared a hurdle June 9 when the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States approved the transaction – after multiple filings – concluding that there are no unresolved national security concerns with respectfeatured

Four Essentials from CTFN This Week

South Carolina’s utility ratepayer advocate is mulling whether it has the finances to conduct an audit by a national accounting firm to see if South Carolina Electric & Gas Company could face bankruptcy if customers were no longer obligated to pay extra on their monthly bills for two abandoned nuclear reactors, a spokesperson for the … Read Morepublic

Genworth/Oceanwide Stalls at State Level

A source close to Delaware’s Department of Insurance told CTFN that nothing additional has been done on the Genworth-China Oceanwide merger review. The source indicated thatfeatured

Genworth/China Oceanwide Have Third Party Provider

During its annual shareholder meeting on December 13, Genworth said it was encouraged by the progress it is making on mitigation measures with a third-party provider designed tofeatured

Pace of State Approvals Picks Up in Genworth/China Oceanwide Deal

China Oceanwide’s purchase of Genworth Financial for $2.7 billion has faced a number of hurdles, including multiple state insurance department reviews, as well as an in-depth examinationfeatured


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