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Linde/Praxair Vote at FTC Could Come Any Day

A decision from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission regarding the merger of Linde and Praxair is expected “very soon,” a person with knowledge of the matter told CTFN.featured

Linde/Praxair One Step Closer to Completing Merger

The Korea Fair Trade Commission on October 3 issued a preliminary approval with additional demands for the Linde/Praxair merger, another step forward for the $83 billion transaction.featured

Linde/Praxair Pieces Appear to Fall into Place with FTC Review

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s decision on the $45 billion Linde/Praxair transaction could come soon, according to a person close to the situation.featured

LyondellBasell is the Likely Buyer of Linde’s La Porte Plant

Linde’s HYCO plant in La Porte, Texas, along with employee contracts are going to be sold to LyondellBasell as Linde/Praxair aim to save their multi-billion merger, a person with knowledge of the matter told CTFN.featured

Linde/Praxair Present Additional Remedies to FTC

Linde and Praxair have agreed to offer additional remedies to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission as the industrial gas firms aim to save their $83 billion all-stock merger, CTFN has learned.featured

Key Weekend for Linde/Praxair

The boards of Linde and Praxair will meet this weekend, likely to discuss how the parties can proceed with their $80 billion merger of equals, CTFN has learned.featured

Linde and Praxair Likely Move Ahead with Additional Asset Sales

A person close to a consortium of industrial gas consumers told CTFN that it makes sense for Linde and Praxair to sell additional Linde assets in order to movefeatured

FTC Turns to Vetting of Messer in Review of Linde/Praxair

The $46 billion Linde/Praxair merger review at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is still with the FTC’s Bureau of Competition, a person familiar with the matter told CTFN.featured

Linde and Praxair Continue to Work with Colombian Regulator

Industrial gas giants Linde and Praxair have filed an appeal with Colombian antitrust regulator Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (SIC) to clarify the terms of the remediesfeatured

Linde and Praxair in Latin America Divestment Negotiations

With additional reporting by Diane Alter and Rachel Rigby – Industrial gas giants Linde and Praxair are in discussions with Latin American regulators for the sale of the overlapping assets that will need to be divested to gainfeatured


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