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Getting Started with CTFN

Apply for Your CTFN Account Registration 

  1. Complete the trial form in the homepage to request your own CTFN account to be activated.
  2. Once your trial request has been reviewed, CTFN will create your account for you.
  3. Your login credentials for your account will be provided to you via the email you include in your request.
  4. Complete Your Login: Your Unique SMS Verification Code
  5. Once you have created your account, each time you login, you will receive an SMS to the number you provide with a 6 digits confirmation number.
  6. To complete the login process for your account, enter this confirmation number.


Why Do I Need a Unique SMS Verification Code

Your CTFN subscription is proprietary, paid information that is intended only for CTFN patrons.


If you have any trouble setting up your account or accessing your subscription, please contact



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