Carige Looks Set to Become Takeover Target

Cassa di Risparmio di Genova e Imperia (Carige), the troubled Italian savings and loan firm, may attract takeover offers next year, saidfeatured

Dish’s IoT Network May Not Satisfy FCC’s Buildout Requirements

Dish’s plan to build a network for the Internet of Things may not satisfy the Federal Communications Commission’sfeatured

All Sides Must Benefit from a Sprint/T-Mobile Merger, Source Says

All sides need to benefit if T-Mobile, owned by Deutsche Telekom, decided once again to attempt a merger between the US wireless carrier and Sprint, owned by SoftBank, said a high rankingfeatured

New Hain Board Focused on Maximizing Shareholder Value

Hain shareholders on November 16 elected an entirely new Board of Directors, a move that paves the way for an eventual To Keep Reading, Request a Trial Already a subscriber? Log-infeatured

“Zero Emission Nuclear Resource” Bill in Ohio Faces Challenges

A bill sent to committee in the Ohio Legislature that would provide a financial bailout for two of FirstEnergy Corp.’s struggling nuclear power plantsfeatured

Palo Alto and Netskope Said to Be Receiving M&A Interest as Security Vendors Grapple with Cloud

Palo Alto Networks, a security company in Palo Alto, California, and private software vendor Netskope, are receiving M&A interest To Keep Reading, Request a Trial Already a subscriber? Log-infeatured

FERC Deadline Approaching on Proposal that Could Aid FirstEnergy

A December 11 deadline is looming for federal energy regulators to decide whether to adopt a controversial plan proposed by the Department of Energy To Keep Reading, Request a Trial Already a subscriber? Log-infeatured

Italian Banking System Expected to Consolidate in the Midterm

Milan and London based financial institutions group bankers and attorneys expect increased M&A activity in the Italian banking sector in the midterm. Sources said thatfeatured

Qualcomm Shareholders Looking for $80+

Several large Qualcomm shareholders told CTFN that they would not entertain an offer from Broadcom that was not at least $80 per share. “For us to even consider a tender offer or agreefeatured

Industry Executive Sees Reported Axalta/Akzo Nobel Tie-Up as Defensive

Commenting on media reports of interest by Akzo Nobel in acquiring Axalta Coating Systems, a rival company executive calledfeatured


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