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CTFN provides in-depth news on mergers, event-driven situations, and major corporate developments with the detail and accuracy commensurate with a professional investor’s perspective.  CTFN offers readers worldwide – hedge funds, mutual funds, institutional investors, deal professionals, legal participants, regulators and industry executives – a cutting-edge, investigative news product that reflects the tireless efforts of a talented team of journalists and analysts.

Featured Articles

Ontario Politics a Risk in Avista-Hydro One Merger

The risks of Canadian politics on the proposed $5.3 billion merger of Toronto-based Hydro One Limited and Spokane-based Avista Corporation will be a focus of settlement talks scheduled for March 15 in Oregon, the state’s utility consumer advocate told CTFN. “The politics of Ontario are one of the risks” of the pending merger, Bob Jenks, … Read More

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Shareholders Weigh Altaba Tender

Shareholders of Altaba are grappling with the question of whether to tender some of their holdings into the company’s announced in-kind repurchase offer for 195 million of its shares expiring on July 11. The offer consideration consisting of shares of Alibaba and cash based on the price of Alibaba offers a nearly 2% gross return … Read More

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CTFN’s growth since 2014 has meant continued investment into hiring and training dedicated and accomplished journalists and research analysts who share CTFN’s approach to covering situations from the perspective of an analyst or portfolio manager, and who doggedly uncover facts and pose questions relevant to investment professionals. CTFN’s success has enabled growing coverage topically and geographically, with a team of seasoned reporters in North America and Europe who are backed up by experienced analysts – advancing stories that matter to event-driven investors and deal professionals.

Featured Journalist - Robert W. Welkos

Robert Welkos began reporting for CTFN in August of 2014. He covers utility, cable, and banking deals, among other matters and has proven adept at picking apart state regulatory processes and regulatory reviews with public interest hurdles. Robert spent 20 years as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, covering the legal beat among other matters, and shared in two Pulitzer Prizes awarded to the newspaper's Metro staff. He has reported on numerous state and federal trials and served as the Times' entertainment industry legal affairs writer covering Hollywood and the law. Robert was also a correspondent for the Associated Press.

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CTFN covers major corporate developments in North America, the UK, and Europe, with special emphasis on US, Brazilian, and South African antitrust, telecom and utilities developments, major US litigation of antitrust, SIFI, and GSE matters, Delaware litigation, and proceedings at the FCC and state public utility commissions in the US.


Subscribers have access to all news under “Insights” and can use the navigation bar to search by tickers and key words. All past coverage is accessible under “Archive” and for readers looking for direction on hot button issues, CTFN curates its “Trending Stories” based on the most read stories by subscribers.


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