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Parties in Avista/Hydro One Proceedings React to Removal of Board

Parties to several Pacific Northwest regulatory proceedings in the $5.3 billion Avista/Hydro One merger were left scrambling for answers July 12 after the bombshell announcement thatfeatured

Oregon Braces for Potential Political Fallout at Hydro One

Oregon’s utility ratepayer advocate who helped negotiate a proposed settlement with Toronto-based Hydro One Limited and Spokane-based Avista Corporation told CTFN thatfeatured

Avista/Hydro One Timing Comes into Focus

With settlement agreements in hand in five states — but still awaiting regulatory approvals from those states — merger partners Avista Corporation and Hydro One LLC sayfeatured

Washington Directive on Coal Should Not Impact Avista/Hydro One Settlement

Two environmental groups that signed off on a settlement agreement in Washington State in the $5.3 billion Avista/Hydro One merger are downplaying concerns raised by statefeatured

Avista/Hydro One Talks Continue with Oregon Intervenors

Talks aimed at reaching a negotiated settlement in Oregon over the $5.3 billion Avista/Hydro One merger are continuing with progress being reported byfeatured

Avista Oregon Settlement Talks Pushed to Next Week

Settlement talks in Oregon aimed at resolving issues raised by intervenors in the proposed $5.3 billion merger of Toronto-based Hydro One Ltd. and Spokane-based Avista Corporation will resume next weekfeatured

Hydro One Looks to Achieve Similar Outcome in Oregon as in Washington and Alaska

After reaching negotiated settlements in Washington and Alaska, Canada’s Hydro One Ltd. is expressing optimism that the same outcome can be achieved in Oregonfeatured

Details Revealed in Avista/Hydro One Washington Settlement

A settlement agreement aimed at winning regulatory approval in Washington state for the $5.3 billion merger of Spokane-based Avista Corp. and Canada’s Hydro One LLC calls forfeatured

Idaho Settlement Talks Accelerated for Avista/Hydro One

The swift “settlement in principle” negotiated between merger partners Avista Corporation and Hydro One LLC and the intervenors in Washington state has caused neighboringfeatured


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