Time Warner/AT&T Focus on Timing

With additional reporting by Valeria Camerino – An attorney for a public interest group that had sought to intervene in the Department of Justice’s review of thefeatured

Level 3/CenturyLink Deal Expected to Get FCC Approval Very Soon

The U.S. Justice Department’s decision this week ordering Level 3 Communications to divest its telecommunications networks in three American citiesfeatured

U.S. Ponders Whether to Defend Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Law

Puerto Rico bondholders shivered Wednesday after President Trump suggested the financial calamity spreading through the island could prompt some kind of debt forgiveness,featured

Sprint/T-Mobile Expected to Announce Merger in Next Two Weeks

Media chatter regarding a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile has quieted, but negotiations intently continue,featured

DOJ “Dropped the Ball” on Parker Hannifin Review

The Department of Justice’s civil antitrust lawsuit against Parker Hannifin, challenging its completed acquisition of CLARCOR is extraordinary, several antitrust attorneysfeatured

A Sprint/T-Mobile Tie-Up Faces High Regulatory Hurdles

With additional reporting by Sarah Cohen – Following months of speculation, T-Mobile and Sprint appear set to announce a deal to unite, with a statement potentially coming as soon asfeatured

Time Warner/AT&T Deal Less Important to Public Interest Groups than Net Neutrality

Dozens of public interest groups have been outspoken opponents of the $85.4 billion Time Warner/AT&T deal since it was announced nearly a year ago, calling the deal disastrous forfeatured

Delrahim Likely Confirmed as Antitrust Division Head in September

Makan Delrahim, US President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division, will be confirmed in September if not sooner, antitrustfeatured

NBFA Seeking Suit Against Monsanto/Bayer Combination

Frustrated by lack of progress with the Department of Justice, the National Black Farmers Association is looking for a law firm to file a private injunction against Monsanto and its $66 billion dealfeatured

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Time Warner/AT&T Timing Agreement

Recent lobbying efforts aimed at the Department of Justice’s antitrust division by a swarm of public interest groups was the direct result of Time Warner and AT&T entering into a timingfeatured


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