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Tronox Seen Shifting Focus from FTC Challenge to Divestiture

Following its defeat in federal court on September 5, Tronox is focusing on a divestiture package that would satisfy federal antitrust regulators while it pursues the lengthy legal challenge to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s administrativefeatured

Akorn and Fresenius Continue to Skirmish Post-Trial

Fresenius asked a Delaware judge Tuesday to allow it to add new evidence to its case seeking court approval to terminate its agreement to acquire Akorn.featured

Akorn/Fresenius: Notes from August 23 Delaware Final Arguments

As of 2:52pm … Judge Laster concluded the trial by saying it’s not an easy case to decide and will take him some time to write an opinion. He said he has 90 days to do so but will try to issue a ruling soon to honor the expeditious fashion both sides used to prepare … Read Morefeatured

FTC v. Tronox: Notes from the Preliminary Injunction Hearing Day 3

Hearing concludes as of 1:25pm …   As of 1:13pm EDT … Tronox’ Williams told the judge he has an option if he decides not to issue an injunction, and that is issuing a “hold separate order” which would allow the merger to close while preserving the assets until the resolution of the FTC’s administrative … Read Morefeatured

Huge Saudi Plant Eludes FTC’s Tronox Scrutiny

Tronox’ plans to take over ownership of a major Saudi titanium dioxide manufacturing plant has largely avoided scrutiny during a 16-month investigation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which is now trying tofeatured

FTC v. Tronox: Notes from the Preliminary Injunction Hearing Day 2

As of 5:12pm EDT … Following FTC’s cross examination of Quinn, Judge McFadden begins his own 20 minute questioning of the Tronox CEO. He asks Quinn about the company’s claim the FTC has intentionally prolonged the legal process by waiting until after the administrative hearing to file its court case? Judge McFadden asks Quinnfeatured

FTC v. Tronox: Notes from Preliminary Injunction Hearing Day 1

As of 4:37pm EDT … After a brief afternoon break Judge McFadden engages in an unusual colloquy with Kronos’ Christian without attorneys participating. Judge McFadden asks Christian what he thought wouldfeatured

SCE&G Gets Last Word in SCANA Hearing

The three government parties to the South Carolina Electric & Gas hearing this week finished the two-day preliminary injunction bid with disjunctive pleadings that repeated each other’s main points, in contrast tofeatured

SCANA/Dominion: Notes from Court July 31

As of 5:11pm EDT … The PSC’s lead attorney John Reagle began his closing argument by disputing SCE&G’s assertion that the experimental rate is causing the company irreparable harm. “There is no irreparable harm in this case,” Reagle toldfeatured

Judge Questions SCANA on Injunction Move

Monday’s hearing on a bid by SCANA to erase a temporary reduction in customer rates ended with an extraordinary question and answer session between federal Judge Michelle Childs andfeatured


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