Sources Believe Rite Aid/Walgreens Deal Likely Completes

Notwithstanding the apparent market consensus, it is more likely than not the Rite Aid/Walgreens merger is ultimately approved by the Federal Trade Commission, various antitrustfeatured

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Small Divestiture Possible in C.R. Bard/Becton Dickinson Deal

Becton, Dickinson received a second request for additional information from the Federal Trade Commission on June 9 regarding its pending acquisition of C.R. Bard. The second request is notfeatured

Rite Aid and Walgreens Waiting on FTC Commissioners

An attorney who previously worked with a third party in the merger of Rite Aid and Walgreens Boots Alliance told CTFN that the Federal Trade Commission has ramped up its resourcesfeatured

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Valspar/Sherwin Williams Remedy Package Judged Sufficient by Sources

The Valspar/Sherwin-Williams merger will be approved by the Federal Trade Commission, with a remedy package along the lines of the divestiture to Axalta that Sherwin previouslyfeatured

Rite Aid/Walgreens State of Play Driven by Commissioner Dynamics

Senior antitrust sources told CTFN that the interplay of the two sitting commissioners on the Federal Trade Commission likely drove Walgreens’ strategy of certifying substantial compliancefeatured

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Walgreens Likely to Fight for Rite Aid, Though Sources View Settlement as More Probable

Walgreens is committed to the Rite Aid transaction and would see the case through litigation if it comes to that, a former Walgreens executive and a senior antitrust attorney toldfeatured

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Depositions in Rite Aid/Walgreens Seen as Standard Practice

A former division head within the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition told CTFN that, “there are multiple tracks of discussions going on right now,” between Walgreens, Rite Aid, Fred’s, andfeatured

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Walgreens Still Working on Sweetened Rite Aid Divestiture Package

Walgreens’ Executive Vice Chairman and CEO Stefano Pessina said on Wednesday’s earnings call, “We are cooperating with the FTC, Rite Aid, and Fred’s to get the necessary approval. At thefeatured

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Valspar/Sherwin-Williams Still Need Divestiture Buyer

The divestiture at the center of Sherwin-Williams’ negotiations with the Federal Trade Commission over a consent decree that would allow the company to proceed with its acquisition offeatured

Rite Aid/Walgreens Review Stalls Pending Next Move from Companies

A former division head within the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition told CTFN that Walgreens and the FTC are not having constructive discussions, and that the matterfeatured

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