China Oceanwide Committed to Putting More Money into Genworth

Regulators in New York became favorably disposed to China Oceanwide’s acquisition of Genworth after the buyer committed to significantly increase its financial commitment, accordingfeatured

Government Argues MetLife Too Big To Fail Tag Not Arbitrary

An attorney for the Department of Justice told a federal appeals panel Monday that the decision by the Financial Stability Oversight Council designating MetLife as too big to fail was done with careful deliberation and was not arbitrary and capricious, as a lower court ruled on March 30. Mark Stern, the government’s lead lawyer in … Read Morefeatured

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Judge Questions Too-Big-to-Fail Tab for MetLife

A federal judge appeared this morning to support MetLife’s suit challenging the Financial Supervisory Oversight Council’s designation of the insurance giant as a systemically important financial institution. During a two hour hearing in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Judge Roesmary Collyer questioned the government agency’s process for determining the SIFI designation and … Read Morefeatured


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