Bayer Set to Notify EC for Monsanto Merger in Mid April

Bayer expects to notify the European Commission in the second or third week of April, for its acquisition of Monsanto, a source close to Bayer told CTFN. Originally, Bayer wanted to notify the Monsanto dealfeatured

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Sources Skeptical of Haldex/Knorr-Bremse Deal Outcome

With additional reporting by Rachel Rigby – Knorr-Bremse’s ongoing takeover of Swedish peer Haldex raises significant issues that may not be possible to overcome, two of the target’s former senior executivesfeatured

Knorr-Bremse EC Pre-Notification Aimed at Extended Phase I Clearance for Haldex Acquisition

With additional reporting by Rachel Rigby – German braking systems maker Knorr-Bremse will wait until the latest possible date to submit it antitrust filing with the European Commissionfeatured

German State Awaits Brexit Notification before Approving LSE/Deutsche Börse Merger

With additional reporting by Rachel Rigby – German regulators are expected to wait for the UK to formally withdraw from the EU, before deciding on the pending merger between Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchangefeatured

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Qualcomm’s EC Filing for NXP Imminent

With additional reporting by Sarah Cohen – Qualcomm’s merger control filing for its acquisition of NXP Semiconductors with the European Commission is imminent, however the clearancefeatured

Bank of England Not Seen as Major Hurdle in LSE/Deutsche Börse Deal

The Bank of England and the State of Hesse will receive notification after the European Commission has approved the London Stock Exchange Group and Deutsche Börse merger, two peoplefeatured

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Bayer Has Submitted CFIUS Filing, EC Filing Pending US Progress

Bayer has submitted a voluntary filing for review of its deal with Monsanto to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a Bayer spokesperson told CTFN. Bayer is waiting to receive antitrust approval in the US for its pending acquisition of Monsanto before it seeks to finalize itsfeatured

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LSE and Deutsche Börse to Offer Formal Remedies after Statement of Objections

London Stock Exchange Group and Deutsche Börse, which have not yet formally offered remedies to the European Commission, may hope to avoid an oral hearing and will offer the sale offeatured

Germany Fears Repercussions of London Headquarters for LSE/Deutsche Börse

With additional reporting by Rachel Rigby – Lawyers in Germany have mixed feelings about the outcome of the pending merger between Deutsche Börse and London Stock Exchange Group, with sources believing that the Angela Merkel-headed federalfeatured

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Microsoft Remedies Expected to Satisfy EC Phase 1

The remedies that Microsoft proposed to the European Commission to satisfy concerns over Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn are expected to have a positivefeatured

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