Platform Specialty Calls for Conditions on Brazil’s Approval of Syngenta/ChemChina

Platform Specialty Products’ subsidiary Arysta LifeScience has raised concerns over the pending merger between Syngenta and ChemChina with Brazilian regulator CADE. In a filing on December 14, the company, which is bothfeatured

Bayer Has Submitted CFIUS Filing, EC Filing Pending US Progress

Bayer has submitted a voluntary filing for review of its deal with Monsanto to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a Bayer spokesperson told CTFN. Bayer is waiting to receive antitrust approval in the US for its pending acquisition of Monsanto before it seeks to finalize itsfeatured

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CADE to Decide on Syngenta/ChemChina Shortly

Brazilian regulator CADE is expected to decide on ChemChina’s proposed takeover of Syngenta within the next ten days, a Sao Paulo-based competition lawyer familiar with the case told CTFN. The source believes that the transaction, which was formally notifiedfeatured

Syngenta/ChemChina Delay Related to Process

On November 16, the European Commission extended its phase 2 deadline for the Syngenta/ChemChina deal by 10 working days until March 29, under Art 10(3)2. The commission is looking for remedies in phase 2, sources said, adding that some parts offeatured

BASF and Syngenta Granted Third-Party Status in CADE Review of Dow/DuPont

German chemical company BASF and Swiss peer Syngenta have been named as third interested parties in the Brazilian review of the Dow/DuPont merger, CTFN has learned. Under Brazilian merger control regulations, interested parties have 15 days from the publication of a merger notification in thefeatured

Election Not Grounds for CFIUS Re-Examination of Syngenta/ChemChina

With additional reporting by Sarah Cohen and Diane Alter – The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States cannot re-examine ChemChina’s $43 billion purchase of Syngenta of Switzerland merely because Donald Trump, a Republican, willfeatured

Syngenta Seeks Third-Party Status in CADE Review of Dow/DuPont merger

Swiss agrochemicals giant Syngenta filed a request on November 3 to be admitted as an official third party in the Brazilian review of the Dow/DuPont merger. November 3 wasfeatured

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Brazil Fears Agrochemical Deals May Lead to Price Increases

Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA) is concerned that the planned agrochemical mergers will raise prices for farmers, an antitrust lawyer involved in CADE’s review of such deals told CTFN. Although “more market share does not necessarily mean higher prices for farmers,” the lawyer pointed out that, Dow-DuPont,featured

ACCC Review of Syngenta-ChemChina Focused on Patented Products

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission fears that the merger between chemicals conglomerate ChemChina and Swiss seed and pesticide maker Syngenta could lessen competition between patented and generic products, a Sydney-based competition lawyer told CTFN. “… (the) ChemChina and Syngenta (case) has a similar flavor to the Pfizer case – namely, competition between patented andfeatured

Brazilian Suppliers Nervous over Syngenta-ChemChina Deal

Some of Syngenta’s pest control suppliers in Brazil have voiced concerns that following the merger with ChemChina, the company could reduce local procurement levels, relying more heavily on their Chinese counterparts, a Syngenta supplier told CTFN. “I am a little bit worried about everything that is going on at the moment,” said a senior executive … Read Morefeatured


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