LSE and Deutsche Börse Work toward Mid-January EC Reply

The London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse will respond to the European Commission’s statement of objections around mid-January, sources close to the situation told CTFN. Deutsche Börse and LSE are currently working on respondingfeatured

Bayer Has Submitted CFIUS Filing, EC Filing Pending US Progress

Bayer has submitted a voluntary filing for review of its deal with Monsanto to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a Bayer spokesperson told CTFN. Bayer is waiting to receive antitrust approval in the US for its pending acquisition of Monsanto before it seeks to finalize itsfeatured

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LSE and Deutsche Börse to Offer Formal Remedies after Statement of Objections

London Stock Exchange Group and Deutsche Börse, which have not yet formally offered remedies to the European Commission, may hope to avoid an oral hearing and will offer the sale offeatured

National Grid Looks for Gas Transmission Deal before Christmas

National Grid is expecting a definitive agreement for the disposal of its natural gas transmission and distribution network to be signed before Christmas, not just a memorandum offeatured

Microsoft Remedies Expected to Satisfy EC Phase 1

The remedies that Microsoft proposed to the European Commission to satisfy concerns over Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn are expected to have a positivefeatured

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Syngenta/ChemChina Delay Related to Process

On November 16, the European Commission extended its phase 2 deadline for the Syngenta/ChemChina deal by 10 working days until March 29, under Art 10(3)2. The commission is looking for remedies in phase 2, sources said, adding that some parts offeatured

Remedy Speculation after LinkedIn/Microsoft EC State of Play Meeting

With additional reporting by Sarah Cohen – Microsoft had a state of play meeting this week with the European Commission concerning its acquisition of LinkedIn, three competition lawyers familiar with the companies said. All three attorneys doubt that the SOP meeting meant that Microsoft would have to go to phase two with its acquisition offeatured

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EC Review of LSE-Deutsche Börse Likely to Extend Again

The European Commission’s recent phase 2 extension of its review of the London Stock Exchange-Deutsche Börse merger is likely to be extended a further twenty days, a banker on the deal and a lawyer close to the deal said. “The commission can take 125 days in total plus commission holidays to close phase two, they … Read Morefeatured

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EC Personal Data Review Unlikely to Impact LinkedIn-Microsoft

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn will most likely be cleared and not be impacted by the European Commission’s Personal Data review, antitrust attorneys told CTFN. The first stage review of  the deal will expire on November 22. The EC’s personal data review on the other hand is open forfeatured

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William Hill Unlikely to See Renewed Interest Before Triennial Review

William Hill is unlikely to receive further expressions of interest in a potential tie up with the company until after the government’s triennial review is over, bankers close to the situation said, as Amaya announced that a potential deal withfeatured

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