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Since its inception in 2014, CTFN has been committed to providing in-depth news on mergers, event-driven situations, and major corporate developments with the detail and accuracy commensurate with a professional investor’s perspective.  CTFN continues to create a cutting-edge, investigative news product that reflects the highest level of journalistic integrity to readers – hedge funds, mutual funds, institutional investors, deal professionals, legal participants, regulators and industry executives – all around the world.

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Danone Appears to be Readying Sale of Stonyfield

Danone and the Department of Justice appear to be working on a sale of Stonyfield Farm to solve the antitrust issues arising from Danone’s planned acquisition of WhiteWave, according

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Self-Interest Driving Safran’s Zodiac Acquisition, TCI Asserts

With additional reporting by Valeria Camerino – Safran has a moral and ethical obligation to consider shareholders’ views in relation to the Zodiac merger, TCI Fund Management told CTFN, and said that it considers self-interest to

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CTFN’s growth since 2014 has meant continued investment into hiring and training dedicated and accomplished journalists and research analysts who share CTFN’s approach to covering situations from the perspective of an analyst or portfolio manager, and who doggedly uncover facts and pose questions uniquely relevant to investment professionals. CTFN’s success has enabled growing coverage topically and geographically, with a team of seasoned reporters in North America and Europe who are backed up by experienced analysts – advancing stories that matter to event-driven investors and deal professionals.

Featured Journalist

Ed Roberts began reporting for CTFN in September of 2014. Ed specializes in litigation and regulatory matters. He attended and reported on every major antitrust trial of 2015 and 2016, has covered complex multi-jurisdictional cases such as Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, and has interviewed senior officials at regulatory bodies such as the FTC. Previously, Ed was a Washington-based reporter covering Congress and Wall Street for a variety of publications for more than two decades. His work has appeared in American Banker, US Banker, National Mortgage News, Payment Source, and the Credit Union Journal, which he co-founded, as well as in numerous daily newspapers. He is a former SEC Bureau Chief for States News Service and is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Public Communication.

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CTFN covers major corporate developments in North America, the UK, and Europe, with special emphasis on US, Brazilian, and South African antitrust, telecom and utilities developments, major US litigation of antitrust, SIFI, and GSE matters, Delaware litigation, and proceedings at the FCC and state public utility commissions in the US.


Subscribers have access to all news under “Insights” and can use the navigation bar to search by tickers and key words. All past coverage is accessible under “Archive” and for readers looking for direction on hot button issues, CTFN curates its “Trending Stories” based on the most read stories by subscribers.


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